728.000 fired since november

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“We’ll let you go”

Firing slips fly around the ears of people in the winter cold. Be it in Europe but also in the east and especially in the west, where U.S. companies have cut down greatly in his team.

Will Obama be able to work wonders?

Since Barack Obama’s election victory in November, the U.S. firms fired more than 728,152 employees. Not surprisingly, it is gone for the worst in the financial sector, but firing rounds frames but across the board.

Will financial plans work?

A line of rescue packages have already been launched to rescue the U.S. from the economic quagmire. After its insertion into the presidency in January, Obama also made a plan to create the entire 4 million. new job to kick start the economy. What Obama cannot influence by his plans, in the mood of the American people. It is an absolute necessity to turn the mood if Obama shall succeed.

Is the future bright?

Meanwhile, growing unemployment queues. Bloomberg and Challenger Gray & Christmas has broken the U.S. “loss” list of employees who are fired, since November 1st. It does so fare not look all too bright, but the great thing aboute the future is that one never knows what it brings.

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