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Passing bank supporting legislation

All over the world governments have been passing legislation that puts out a safetynet under the banking world, to ensure that customers do not pull out all their money.

The question of ideologies?

In many countries there has also been multiple discussions as to wether it is correst to support the banking world – seen from an ideology point of view. However many governments – especially liberal governments – have seen themselves in a situation where they had to act agianst their ideologies to secure the national economy.

Bank try to make their glory shine

All the time the governments are talking aboute the financial crisis, the banking wolrd here in Denmark is trying to lay a distance to the crisis. The banks are terrified that the financial crisis will be blamed on them, as they have made the economics unsecure by giving riscy loans and now cutting of the money flow.

The Myth of Seven good and Seven bad years

In my oppinion it is only normal that a periode of on going fluctuation is followed by a period of recession. It is the nature of economics…

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