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States the evil financial spiral

More or less all the twelve federal reserve districtsn in the US have experienced that the financial situation has gotten even whorse in december. The bad guys in this contet is according to the repport the dried out loaning market combined with a drop in detail sales.

Bad news – once agian!

The Beige Book rapport from the departments of the American central Bank do eight times a year take the temperatur of the American economy. This year the reading of the rapport has – not surprisingly – been very depressing.

Decrease or low activity

Most districts has experienced a decreasing or low activity within a wide spread range of industries. The overall economic activity is still falling in almost all regions. The good news is that the investors seem to have expected the content of the Beige Book rapport, as the stack markets have gone up since the rapport was published earlier today.

A new Great Depression?

The Beige Book rapport underlines the known fact, that experts have been talking aboute for a while. Namely, that the American economy has begun the greatest financial down going spiral since the great depression.

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