Bush warns about cricis in US economy

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Bush on national TV

Laste night the American President George Bush went on national TV warning the american people about the forth comming cricis in the american economy. Experts say that this might be the worst financial situation since the Wall Street crash in the 1920. Bush is now launching a plan to avoid total financial disater hoping that congress will support his actions.

Break in the presidential election campaign

Senator Mccain has temporarily stopped his campain to be able to go back to Washington to help get control over the situation. This I find totally ridiculous since it in these past months has been obvious to everyone that economy is not a topic which he finds very interesting. So I wonder – what could he possibly do to help?

National problem?

It is for sure that the rest of the world is going to feel that the american econamy is hurting. The question is have bad will it be and how long will it last? Some experts truely belive that we are facing really bad times. As it is said there will come seven bad years following seven good years…

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