Carlsberg in Russia

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What is a Danish brewery doing i Russia?

That is a good question. The answer is, that Carlsberg aboute a year ago decided to try to expend their share of the market worldwide. They bought themselves into a russian brewery, believing that they made a bargin. Problems?

Falling oliprices

It is a problem worldwide for the oil producing countries that they have not been able to stabilize the oil prices. Russia is, as most other countries hit by the falling prices. This has amongst other factors made the russian consumers put their money back in their pockets.

No money, no beer

The problem in this context is that Carlsberg beer is a high-class product – especially in Russia. The russian consumers, who have no loyality to Carlsberg as a brand yet, have stoped buying the danisk beer. Most likely becuause they have local beer, that is much cheaper.

Worldwide beer-drinking -stop?

Knowing that Carlsberg has bought their way into many other markets than the Russian, one fears that the financial crisis will be even more hard on the company, than just experiencing set backs in Russia. Hopefully the Danes will keep up their proud tradition as a beer-drinking-people and help Carlsberg through the crisis.

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