Do women want equality?

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Woman’s libbers

For decades woman’s libbers have been crying out to equality between the sexes, but is that what women really want? I wonder if quit many women do not prefere that many things stays the good old way.

Double standart

Most women practice a great deal af double standart in this particular area. They do for instance clam equal pay, but do still insist on the men to propose marriage. Also many women like the notion of being spoiled by their man, getting gifts for them, arranging surprises, paying the bill when going out to eat. The qeustion is wether it is fair to keep up this double standart?

The need for protection

We want them to respect us as equals, but at the same time we expects them to get out of bed to kill the spider on the wall because “he is the man”. From my point of view we are stock between the romantic notion and the notion of us being independent individuals.

Will we ever be equals?

All the while complaining about not getting paid as much as our male collegues we need to wake up. We can not both expect the world to respect us as independent women while signaling that “I need help when things get rough”.

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september 18th, 2008 at 3:11 pm