EU influence on cellphone prices

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EU influence

For as long as I can remember cellphone prices, when the phones are used outside the national boarders, have been out of proportions. Prices like 50 US cents per textmessage is not unusual, and doing a little bit of math, everyone can se that texting quickly run up.

The influence

The problem of these high prices has come to the attention of the European Commission, which have now published at law which will force the companies to compete in this market. Until now the great phone companies have avoided competition in this market, but fra january 2009 this is no longer the case. The European Commission will force the max price of text messages down to 15 US cents.

Great for comsumers

This is absolutely great news for us consumers, who have fare too long been paying fare too much for the use of our cellphones abroad. I know that I personally will be less cautious texting to friends and family at home.

Why did it take so long

The only thing that really surprices me, is why it had to take that long for the politicians in the EU to make these rules. I mean this has been an obvious problem for a long time. Better late than never I suppose…

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