From cradle to cradle

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What is up with this concept?

I just heard about a new concept that relates to producing new producte. It is called from cradle til cradle -symbolizing that when an object has served its purpose it should be designed i a way, that its parts should be useable for creating new projects.

Is this just another ambitious idea?

My first thought was that “great here we are – another ambitious environmental idea”. But I have to my suprise learned that this is not the case. The people working from this concept have invented icecreame wrapping that melts when it is exposed to higher temperature than 10 degrees celcius. This is a genious idea. Think about how great our verges would look if wrappings in general just melted!

From cradle to grave

Most of the people from my generation are used to throw stuff out when it has served its purpose. This will in the future not be the case. When producing a car or a cell-phone all parts going into the production must be reuseable for other purposes. And this is not fare away. Researchers are working on a such car.

Will companies go alonge?

It is absolutey neccesarry that companies support this idea, and many experts belive that they will because of the value of signalling consciousness of the environment.

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september 29th, 2008 at 7:33 pm