Hanna the storm

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Aalways Haiti

Now Haiti has once again been hit by a terribly storm. This is the third time since 2004. This time six hundred thousand people have had their lives turned completely turned up side down. Five hundred have already died. Haiti is truely hounded  by evil stroms.

Rising food prices

Haiti also suffers under the rising food prices, that has been a problem all over the world. The situation in Haiti is very serious, as the six hundred thousand people suffering starvation. Most families could not even afford to support themselves before the storm, now the situation is absolutely critical.

They have lost all

The civilens have lost all they own including houses, furniture and personal belongings. There is no sign that the future will be any brighter any time soon. It will take decades before the country will be back to ground zero.


Haiti has since the food prices started rising been trying to develop their own production of food. The storm has now destroyed the valleys in wich the government had managed to get at rice production up and going. The rice production has also totally suffered obliteration.

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september 6th, 2008 at 6:51 pm