Ike in Texas

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They have lost all

This evening on the news I saw the pictures of the traces of destruction that Ike the hurricane has left. Houses in total destruction, car totally smashed. It seems that theese people have lost everything that they own.


I wonder what the consequences of this disaster will be. Are they at all insured against this kind pf dammage? And if they are will they be able to pay their insurance next time. I imagine that the insurence companies will be rasing the insurance premium in all areas that are usually hit by there tropic storms.

They could not effort to leave!

There was an interview with a woman who could not afford to leave this time, because she spend al her money during the last storm on medicine and hotels. This is just absolutely terrible, she actually had to sit in her loft to avoid to be killed by Ike!

How do they do it?

It amazes me how people can keep living in an area where you risk to have all your belongings torn away like this. My heart truely goes out to theese people who are now returning to their broken homes without any electricity and other basic needs.

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september 22nd, 2008 at 6:39 pm