Is the economy crashing?

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Bad signs

Recently there has been quite many bad signs suggesting that the economy might be crashing. Two weeks ago new statictics showed that american real estate had lost almost half its denomination. Last week the government had to buy up Freddy Mac and Fanny May to avoid total disaster.
The Lehman Brothers
Today the Lehman Brothers had to turn around the key, sending employees home not knowing what the future might bring. This came about as one of the greater banks of America choose not to buy up the Lehman Brothers.
Stock exchange
This imidiately set its trails in the American economy. The stocks fell quickly in response to the bas news from Lehman Brothers. The trust in the economy is clearly not at great as one could wish, but who can blame the small savers for not feeling as secure as they did just a couple of years ago.
The employees are marked by this
There is no dount that the employees, whom do not know wether they are bought or sold. The uncertainty must be absolutely unbearable to theese poor people. My heat goes out to them!  

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september 15th, 2008 at 6:44 pm