Medvedev uses Russian TV show to crisis management

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The Russian president, Dmitry Medvedev, has been taken away from the boned floors in the Ministry of the Kremlin in order to address the Russian people in a new way. Through a TV show the president is trying to show that he takes the economic crisis seriously.

Declining oil revenues

The Russian economy is struggling with sharply declining revenues from oil production, a costly defense of the weakened ruble and economic slowdown, pointing to negative growth. Politicians have been criticized from several sides, that one has done too little to counter the financial crisis.

A new angle on pr

Medvedev is now trying to do something about. In a new television show Russians see their president in a somewhat different way than it Authoritarianism people are accustomed to. Medvedev sitting at a coffee table in a library-like space and small talk’er with the journalist.

Up close

It was not just in the subject election that Medvedev was trying to get close to the Russians. Even in physical appearance, the TV camera is very close to the president during the interview, which the Russians are not accustomed to from the government.

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