Sex in the office

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Sex with VIPs

I heard the most crazyn thing to day. A huge American Energy company has been bribing government officials with al kinds of perks, one of them was having sex with the employees!!! In return the big wigs from the Administration have been falsifying rapports on the firm.

But how?

One thing is that a private company was bribing government officials, that can hardly come as a surprise to anyone. But how in the world did it ever come to “Well if you fix the rapport – you can do my secretary! Do that sound like a deal?”. I would really have liked to be a fly on the wall, seeing how that came about.

Was it part of the contract?

Another think is that you promis sex away to get a report fix, but why would any employee agree to do this? Was it part of some wird contract saying “It is company policy, that we all bang a control official every now and again”. How do you explain that to a new employee -you gotta take one for the tema?

But why, why, why

It is a riddle to me how this could have been going on for years without anyone telling…

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september 11th, 2008 at 6:00 pm

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