South African economy

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New leader

A new leader is around the corner i South Afrika. This may have great impact om world economic if this leader manages to create the quietness around the financial situation. Considering that South Africa is the greatest country in Africa investores might be right.

A great economy

South Africa is a I mentioned the greatest country in Africa. Not only will it be more attractive to invest in the country if the conditions around the economy get more quiet, it will also have great impact if the average south african person got more money in hands.

Raising imports

Was this the case the rest of the world would benefit. Consider all the kitchen supplieses, sofaes and lots of other stuffs that we could export. This would be somewhat like the situation when the economi in Eastern Europe started to glow.

Win, win situation

In general these thoughts shows how important it is to select a leader, who is able to unite the country, so that all efforts goes together in improving the South African economy. I great start is foreign investments hopefulle ending up by improving the living conditions of the people.

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september 23rd, 2008 at 5:27 pm