Stealing from work

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We steal from work

A new danish survey shows that 3 in 4 steal from work. This has often resultet in sacking of the employes when it is discovered. This makes me think if it is the danes that are incredibly greedy or if this might be a generel problem world wide.

What is there to take?

In Denmark the cost of the stealing employes is estimated to run up between 5 or 6 billions. This is in a country that has only 5.3 million citicens. The employees steal almost everything from coupons giving free taxi trips and cartridges to the home printer.

Is it the danish moral

I truely doubt that this is a danish problem only. Just as I doubt that the danish moral should be any lower that over the rest of the world. This I bet is a huge problem in all firms and I wold encourage all companies to keep an eye open, and get rid af those who do not know the difference between your and mine. It is destroying for company morals.

But why?

The most interesting question in this context is why people do this. Is it to compensate for bad pay? If this is the case they should get their act together and demand salary talks!

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september 10th, 2008 at 9:02 pm