Stoch exchange – study the others

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Look what they do

There are many way to become sucessfull when making efforts in stock exchange. One of the ways is to study what the people around do. To study insiders, stock-exchange magnate, hedgers and speculators it to be designated as information interpretation of second degree.

What about the small fish

Third degree information interpretation is to keep an eye on the least talented and then do the opposite of what they do. This is what is called “contrary opinion”. Traditionally we have seen to least talented as a synonym with the small fish.

The “odd lotters”

In the stock exchange the small fish have often been refered to as the “odd lotters”. Originaly it was Garfield Albree Drew, who examined the tradestatistics for theese odd lotters, and who also made the rules known today. The picture he found was not totally homogeneously.

Is there an easy way?

Is that then all you need to know. Do not do what the others do. The real secret i suppose is, that nothing comes easy. If you want to be succesful you must know what you are doing. You can not just put all you have into your luck. You must have someone to help you place your investments…

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september 17th, 2008 at 8:53 pm