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Equal pay between genders?

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Equal pay?

For many years women have been complaining about not getting payed as much for their work as their male colleagues. Theire has been lots of reshearsh looking into the reasons for this difference in pay, but I wonder if it is not really the womens own fould?

Do women want to stay in the kitchen?

Do the women themselves not wish to stay at home with their children taking care of the family? I think that the mistake that many make is to bid over more than thery can chew. Wanting to do it all, non of it gets done well enough…

Men are more competent!

Men do in many situations come of as more competent than the women. Most are much better in pretenting that they have the needed skills, and have en generel understood the idea of having to sell themselves. Whereas women seem to think that they should only be judged by their skills – the biggest misunderstanding in history!

The differential treatment is ok

As long as the women do not understand to touch all chord in play, I truely believe that it is ok to practice differential treatment between men and women. Women have for too long blamed the society for this issue.

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september 13th, 2008 at 11:10 am