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The strategy lenses

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Strategy as a design

This takes the view that strategy development can be a local process in which the forces and constraints on the organisation are weighted carefully through analytic and evaluative techniques to establish clear strategy direction. This creates conditions in which carefully planned strategy implementation should occur.

Strategy as experience

Here the view is that future strategies of organisations are heavily influenced by the experience of the managers and others in the organisation based on their previous strategies.Strategies are driven not so mush by clear-cut analysis as by the taken-for-granted assumptions and ways og doing things embedded in the culture of organisations. read more aboute stratigic lenses here

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november 20th, 2008 at 8:05 pm

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eBay analytics – Sales Monitor

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My eBay Active Sales Monitor
Just found this interactive widget that tracks your current eBay auctions. with data from eBay.
You can see both your sales forecast for Active Sales as well as the number of items up for auction.
This Smart Widget is great for eBay Power Sellers!

[clearspring_widget title=”eBay analytics – Sales Monitor” wid=”48a44b768a564766″ pid=”48eb1e39d2611715″ width=”371″ height=”438″ domain=””]

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From cradle to cradle

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What is up with this concept?

I just heard about a new concept that relates to producing new producte. It is called from cradle til cradle -symbolizing that when an object has served its purpose it should be designed i a way, that its parts should be useable for creating new projects.

Is this just another ambitious idea?

My first thought was that “great here we are – another ambitious environmental idea”. But I have to my suprise learned that this is not the case. The people working from this concept have invented icecreame wrapping that melts when it is exposed to higher temperature than 10 degrees celcius. This is a genious idea. Think about how great our verges would look if wrappings in general just melted! read more about the cradle to cradle idea here

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september 29th, 2008 at 7:33 pm

Do women want equality?

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Woman’s libbers

For decades woman’s libbers have been crying out to equality between the sexes, but is that what women really want? I wonder if quit many women do not prefere that many things stays the good old way.

Double standart

Most women practice a great deal af double standart in this particular area. They do for instance clam equal pay, but do still insist on the men to propose marriage. Also many women like the notion of being spoiled by their man, getting gifts for them, arranging surprises, paying the bill when going out to eat. The qeustion is wether it is fair to keep up this double standart? About wether women ever will be financially equal with men here

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september 18th, 2008 at 3:11 pm

Stoch exchange – study the others

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Look what they do

There are many way to become sucessfull when making efforts in stock exchange. One of the ways is to study what the people around do. To study insiders, stock-exchange magnate, hedgers and speculators it to be designated as information interpretation of second degree.

What about the small fish

Third degree information interpretation is to keep an eye on the least talented and then do the opposite of what they do. This is what is called “contrary opinion”. Traditionally we have seen to least talented as a synonym with the small fish. read more about how to be succesfull in stock exchange

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september 17th, 2008 at 8:53 pm

The psychology of stock-exchange

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Shrewd investments

To be making wise investments is first and fare most a question of getting incrased value out of your investment. You can buy when you think that the stocks are cheap. Wait for them to get worth more and them sell. This way you get to bring home profite.

Is that really all there is to it?

To buy cheap is not all that one must think of. The prices in financial intruments change all the time. Eventhough that they have a tendency to correct when the price has been too high or too low for a periode of time, there are many other reasons that the de- or increase. read more about stock exchange here

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september 16th, 2008 at 9:41 pm

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Is the economy crashing?

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Bad signs

Recently there has been quite many bad signs suggesting that the economy might be crashing. Two weeks ago new statictics showed that american real estate had lost almost half its denomination. Last week the government had to buy up Freddy Mac and Fanny May to avoid total disaster.
The Lehman Brothers
Today the Lehman Brothers had to turn around the key, sending employees home not knowing what the future might bring. This came about as one of the greater banks of America choose not to buy up the Lehman Brothers. read more about the Lehman Brothers here

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september 15th, 2008 at 6:44 pm

Equal pay between genders?

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Equal pay?

For many years women have been complaining about not getting payed as much for their work as their male colleagues. Theire has been lots of reshearsh looking into the reasons for this difference in pay, but I wonder if it is not really the womens own fould?

Do women want to stay in the kitchen?

Do the women themselves not wish to stay at home with their children taking care of the family? I think that the mistake that many make is to bid over more than thery can chew. Wanting to do it all, non of it gets done well enough…

Men are more competent!

Men do in many situations come of as more competent than the women. Most are much better in pretenting that they have the needed skills, and have en generel understood the idea of having to sell themselves. Whereas women seem to think that they should only be judged by their skills – the biggest misunderstanding in history!

The differential treatment is ok

As long as the women do not understand to touch all chord in play, I truely believe that it is ok to practice differential treatment between men and women. Women have for too long blamed the society for this issue.

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september 13th, 2008 at 11:10 am

Stealing from work

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We steal from work

A new danish survey shows that 3 in 4 steal from work. This has often resultet in sacking of the employes when it is discovered. This makes me think if it is the danes that are incredibly greedy or if this might be a generel problem world wide.

What is there to take?

In Denmark the cost of the stealing employes is estimated to run up between 5 or 6 billions. This is in a country that has only 5.3 million citicens. The employees steal almost everything from coupons giving free taxi trips and cartridges to the home printer. read more about employees stealing here

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september 10th, 2008 at 9:02 pm