Thailand: Still a manget for vacation

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Vacation magnet

For many years Thailand with its great cities and bounty beaches has been an absolute vacation magnet for travelers out experiencing Asia. Not only has the country got a very kind population it also offers shopping and food prices that are quit affordable. You got to love that place

The demonstrations

For the past month or so demomstration have been taking place in the capital of Bangkok, as king-friendly demonstrants have been occupying the International airport of Thailand. The demonstrantes wanted to force the sitting premier minister to go due to corruption alligations.

Thousands got caught in Thailand

These demonstration frosen the airport making it unable to serve the many tourists that usesally travels through. These tourists have not been able to leave the country dispite their vacation being over. They were stranded in a city of demomstrations, which must have been an upsetting experience for many.

Will this influence the future tourism?

This makes me wonder wether this experience will make tourists pick other vacation targets in the future. Thailand do to quite some extend live off the tourism, and I belive that a downfall in income from tourism could be fatal, both for the man on the street and for the country as a whole.

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december 2nd, 2008 at 4:47 pm