The american balance of trade better than expected

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Positive news

The deficit on the balance of trade was smaller than it was first expected in november. Whereas experts were expecting that the deficit would approch minus 51 billion dollar, but the good news is that the latest numbers shows that it actually is minus 40,4 billion dollard.

Small light

In october the deficit approched  minus 56,7 billion dollars. With the lastes decrease we now have the greatest fluctuations in 12 month. This could be seen as really good news, as this has been giving the stock market a small boost up. The american dollar has also experienced being stronger compared to other valutas.

But, but, but…

The decrease also shows the rest of the world that the american people has stopped importing foreign things, which probably is due to the economic crises.

World wide problem

This is not just an american problem, as the consumers all over the world has steped on the consumers breake, which is regulating the imports and exports of the world. This does however also stop the economis of the world from mooving forward.

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