The G20 countries want to buy up bad bankloans

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The G20 contries asambled

The fireign ministers of the G20 countries have been asambled to discuss what to do aboute the financial crisis. They have however found it rather hard to agree on a joined solution on the problems. There has been so many suggestions as to how this crisis should be solves, the same number of solutions are cousing disagreement.

Bad bankloans

These fancy parties are presently meeting in the southern England and some of them have been expressing that they belive that buying up bad bankloans would be the best and most effective solution to the financial situation.

Is buying a solution?

All this talk aboute buying up bankloans to solve the crisis makes one wonder if this is the right way to safe our economy from direct depression. In many countries the states have bought up the banks and other aspects of the financial sector. Can the states keep taking over to preserve?

Can the G20’ties lift this alone?

The question that I am asking myself is wether the G20 countries will be able to lift the heavy burden, that the financial crisis consists of all alone. Will it make any difference wether the G20’s are able to agree on anything?

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