The inter-market of the EU

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The provisions of the free movement

Within the EU-treaty there is a chapter containing the provisions of free movement. Article 28 concerning the free movement of goods, article 39 on free movement of workers, article 43 on the free movement of persons, article 49 on the free movement of services and finally article 58 on the free movement of capital. These are the articles framing the inter-market of the EU.

The purpose of the provisions

The purpose of the treaty is to secure a free and open market within the EU, so that for instance goods can pass boarder within the community, without being met with barrieres from the member states, trying to protect their own produce.

Easy trade

It does make trading in the inter-market much easier when having the provisions of free maket. But what about the the countries outside the EU, do we not risk to leave them outside the community? Not taking part in in the European Economic Community makes it harder to access the european market.

The club of the EU

Do we not risk to have our own little club with the states of the EU as members? The answer: Yes! On the other hand, you can not have such free movement provisions as in the Treaty applying to the intire world.

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