The singel industri

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More singles – but why?

The past decade more and more people have become singles. This fact can make you wonder, why this happens. I mean, I know that there statistially are more women than men, but somehow the problem ought to even out. Maby it lays in our time, respecting and accpeting that people live alone.

Taking advantage…

Many singles, and I think that this especially relates to women, are terrified to end up alone. Because ironically, all the while society is accepting that people get together later in life, and postpone marriage and children to get well-educated and try wild things.

Making an industri out of people’s sadness

The single problems have been made into a huge industry. If you are single and trying to meet the right person you will most likely get logged in to some of the many hundreds single-sites on the internet. It can be rather expensive to get acces to these sites. But then again who would want to compromise their happiness.

No way back

Let’s face it – sigles will continue to fight for thier happiness and other people agian will continue to take advantage of their sad life situation…

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