The strategy lenses

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Strategy as a design

This takes the view that strategy development can be a local process in which the forces and constraints on the organisation are weighted carefully through analytic and evaluative techniques to establish clear strategy direction. This creates conditions in which carefully planned strategy implementation should occur.

Strategy as experience

Here the view is that future strategies of organisations are heavily influenced by the experience of the managers and others in the organisation based on their previous strategies.Strategies are driven not so mush by clear-cut analysis as by the taken-for-granted assumptions and ways og doing things embedded in the culture of organisations.

Strategy as ideas

Neither of the above lenses is especially helpful in explaining innovation. Then how do ideas come about? The ideas lens emphasises the importance of promoting diversity in and around organisations, which can potentially generate genuinely new ideas.

Strategy as discourse

This lens sees strategy in terms of language. Managers spend most their time communicating. Therefor command of strategy language becomes a resource for managers by which to shape ‘objective’ strategic analysis to their personal views and to gain influence, power and legitimacy.

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