The terror bombing in India

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Terrorist struck again

Last last night local time bombs of terror struck specifificly intented targets around Bombay. Most targets were picked because of the high concentration of foreigns staying there. The two hotels that were bombed and later the scene of hostage situationsn are the luxury Taj Mahal Hotel and the Oberoi Trident.

Will this scare the tourists away?

All day we have heard about the hostage situation on the news. I man who got out of one of the hotels told about how the terrorists had asked people with american and british pasports to step forward. This could only start speculations on how these western-hating terrorists would treat the western pasport owners.

Terrorists from India?

One of the alarming aspects of some recent terror attacks in India is that Indian-born Muslims were involved. This only shows the religious fanaticism will use every means to try to make a statement. These Indian Indian Mujahideen are willing to kill country men, which was done when bombing the train station.

Fatal financial consequenses

I truely belive that this attack will have great influence on the Indian economy ii the future. I think that many tourists in the future will keep out of India. This being a country where there still are great gaps between rich and poor, the lacking tourism will most likely hit the poor the worst.

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