The US fears the financial crises the most

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Harms the security

The global economic crisis is the biggest threat to American security, and a quarter of all countries have experienced at least a bit of instability because of the states in a new report from U.S. intelligence services.

Will al-Qaeda run free

In the annual report on the assessments of the threats to stability and security states also that al-Qaeda leadership has been weakened over a year ago. The retired Admiral Dennis Blair, who is Head of the national intelligence, says that Al Qaeda continues to plan attacks against the West and is believed to have special focus on Europe.

Can’t follow-up in Pakistan

Blair says that pressure from the U.S. and its allies against al-Qaeda leadership in Pakistan and the network’s setbacks in Iraq have resulted in an impairment. “But security has also deteriorated in Afghanistan and the situation may not improve until Pakistan win control over its border to the country,”.

North Korea

The report states that it will be difficult to persuade Iran to abandon its controversial nuclear program. About North Korea says that the communist state probably will only use nuclear bombs, if Kim Jong-ils regime threatened its survival.

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