Top managers and directors

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The conventional view is that strategy is the business of top management. In this view, it is absolutely vital that top management are clearly seperated frm operational responsibilities, so that they can focus on over all strategy. If top managers are directly involved in such as sales and or service delivery, they are liable to get distracted from the long term perspective.

The role

In the reality, the top management role involves much more than setting directions. Also, different roles are played by different members of the top team, wether cheif executive officers, the top management team or non-executive directors are in play

The capability

Top management capability in making strategy should not simply be assumed. Managers are often promoted to strategic roles for their success in dealing with operations or their professional skill in a particular functional specialism.

Are they prepared then?

These types of experiences do not necessarily prepare them for the analytical and managerial tasks involved in making strategy. In other words, because someone is really good at his job, it does not mean that he has the qualifications to being a leader.

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