U.S. aid package to a vote Tuesday

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Signs of crisis – again
The U.S. economy back on track – and it should preferably be in a certain speed. The American economy is still suffering the tough financial situation, which is bardering the reat of the world aswell.
Will it get passed in the Senate?
An aid package of 780 billion. It is reported that 58 per cent. of the many billions be spent on public investment and 42 per cent. to tax relief.
Tax relief shall make the wheels of the US start running
“There is one winner tonight. It is the American people – and they deserve it,” said Senator Joe Lieberman to CNN last night.U.S. dollars (4.542 billion kroner.) to make the difference, and according to CNN’s information must be voted on the aid package on Tuesday.
Question: How will the American people react to the package?
The great question is if the package gets passed, if it will have the needed psycological effect. Many experts say, that that is the determing X-factor in this situation. Lets hope that the American politiciens will be able to get America back on track – and preferably the the right track.

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februar 7th, 2009 at 5:01 pm