Alabama-county close to bankruptcy

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Jefferson county in stormy weather
Who would ever have thought that a county could go bankruptcy? When I first heard aboute this, I for one wrinkled my eyebrows. Lately the politicians of Jefferson county got the word of the states highest court, that taxation on bussines and realestate were illegal.

Beat the bottom out of the public budgets
The money that the county now will not be able to collect in taxes are causing big problems. The politicians have been neccessary to make drastic cutbacks for 52 million dollard. The case has been appealed to a national court, but while waiting cutbacks are hitting the weak in society.

It is no fun to be poor in financial crises
One of the places where the politicians have cut off the foundings is a nursing home for poor people. Though I new that the social benefits were few in the US I did not expect the financial crisis to couse more pain to people already out-pained.

Where is the social responsibility
I know that it is easy to sit on the outside and critisice. But seriously cutting back on a nursing home for poor people! Many other things has been done, but this case is enev though we are talking politics below the “social belt”.

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