Are the good time on their way?

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Lately there has been a lot of talk aboute wether  we are on our way out of the financial crisis. Not only private persons are hoping for the bad times to end also one of the biggest carproducers are GM are hoping that the times will change as well. Lately President Obama gave GM 60 days to improve their financial situation.

What must be done
GM’s director and CEO, Rick Wagoner, has resigned and will be replaced by Fritz Henderson. Kent Kresa become temporary chairman during most of the board replaced before long. GM will have 60 days to implement a restructuring. GM will have financial support to keep the wheels in motion during the period.

Change of leaders
It will be interesting to see wether the change in leadership will safe the huge world wide carproducer. It is not long time ago that America changed their leader and so fare not much has happpened.

Is economy controllable?
I wonder if all the talk aboute idology is nonsens. Maybe it is not possible to control a financial situation. So fare many countries have tried to regulate the financial situation – unsuccesfully!

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