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Who shall save the global economy?

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Who is the saviour?

Eventhough the americans at the fall of Fanny and Freddy Mac was judged out as a great player in the global economy, there is in my mind no doubt that the comming american government lead by President Obama will be able to work wonders for the global economy.

Larry Summer in charge of the finances?

Many have speculated that Obama will pich Larry Summer to be in charge of the american economy. He became professor at Harvard at the age of 28 and was Secretary of the Treasury during Clintons presidency. The becoming Secretary of Treasury or not, he has some important views on how to rescur the american and thereby perhaps the american economy. read more aboute how Larry Summers will save american economy here

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december 26th, 2008 at 11:26 am

From cradle to cradle

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What is up with this concept?

I just heard about a new concept that relates to producing new producte. It is called from cradle til cradle -symbolizing that when an object has served its purpose it should be designed i a way, that its parts should be useable for creating new projects.

Is this just another ambitious idea?

My first thought was that “great here we are – another ambitious environmental idea”. But I have to my suprise learned that this is not the case. The people working from this concept have invented icecreame wrapping that melts when it is exposed to higher temperature than 10 degrees celcius. This is a genious idea. Think about how great our verges would look if wrappings in general just melted! read more about the cradle to cradle idea here

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september 29th, 2008 at 7:33 pm