Greenland wants their independence

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Should Greenland be independent?

Recently Greenland voted aboute wether the population thought that the country should be entirely independent from Denmark. Most Danes believe that Greenland should be independent. The self-government agreement that was made more than twentyfive years ago, was supposed to be a temporaly deal and is say the president of the home rule no longer up to date.

What about the minerals and the oil?

The issue in this whole matter is partly wether Greenland should be given the rights to the minerals and the oil in the subsurface. Most danes do find it fair that the people of Greenland get these rights. I personally think that there ought to be some sharing since the Danish state fiananced the area for a long time.

Experts warns about the independens

I the country gets its independence it will at the same time have to get used to no getting financial support from the Danish stat. The economy of Greenland is fragile and independens is not yet a real option. Even though the companies are in the middle of a process of privatisering most of them are still stat run loose-making concerns.

Greenland as an underdeveloped country?

If Greenland lost the block grants that the cooundty recieves from the Danish stat, which would be the fact in the case of independence it would lose grants in the area of 3.2 billion danisk krones. This would set Greenland back to a financial stat comparable to an underdeveloped country.

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