Has job losses topped?

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New job numbers
Today new numbers got out and it appears that the job situation is not as terrible as first expected – but still – it is no walk in the park either. In May less people lost their jobs than first expected. This development has made the european indexes go up. The German DAX rose more than 1 percent after the news.

The cold facts
Though the unemployment rate rose up to 9,4 percent in May, which is the highest since august 1983, it is nat all bad. Experts has expected that the number of unemployed people would rise to 525.000. But instead only 345.000 people lost their jobs in may.

This was not the first time
Actually May was not the first month to take the experts by surprise. In April the development in unemployment numbers also ended up rising less than expected by experts. They had expected that 534.000 people would loose their jobs, whereas only 509.000 people did.

Does this mean that we have rocked bottom?
Al this talk aboute numbers makes me wonder if we are on the break of brighter times. But then again. I’m not really sure what a few months of optimistic numbers mean. Just because not as many lost their job as experts had expected, it does not hide the fact that more than one million people lost theirs…

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