Is Iceland back on track?

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The worst is over?
Iceland is six months after the country’s banking collapse back on the right track, and an economic “turnaround” later this year is not unlikely. Iceland has been out in real bad weather financially, so if the sun starts shining on the island there should be no hard feelings here.

Back on track
A delegation has been sent to Iceland to look deeper into hwo the economy is doing. “There has been some positive progress,” said Mark Flanagan – who is leader of the delegation that has spent the last two weeks to evaluate the Icelandic economy – today.

The delegation’s view
The delegation found that the macroeconomic outlook remains broadly in line with the plans, said in a statement, referring to the steps which Iceland has taken to revive the economic dynamism.

Is this the first step in the right direction?
In my memmory Iceland was the first country to really feel the financial crisis, and perhaps the turnaround in Iceland is a sign that the financial crisis wordwide wont be lasting as long as first expected. But on the other hand, who knows, it might not be that Iceland is turning around…

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