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Alabama-county close to bankruptcy

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Jefferson county in stormy weather
Who would ever have thought that a county could go bankruptcy? When I first heard aboute this, I for one wrinkled my eyebrows. Lately the politicians of Jefferson county got the word of the states highest court, that taxation on bussines and realestate were illegal.

Beat the bottom out of the public budgets
The money that the county now will not be able to collect in taxes are causing big problems. The politicians have been neccessary to make drastic cutbacks for 52 million dollard. The case has been appealed to a national court, but while waiting cutbacks are hitting the weak in society. read more aboute Jefferson county’s financial situation here

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juni 6th, 2009 at 11:05 am

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The Plan – does it work?

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Finally the great rescue plan put forward by the American President has been passed, though this has been taking the american politiciens a bit too long time in my oppinon. The great question is however: Will this act pull the americans out of their financial cricis?


The Stock market did not react with the positive tones as many had hoped it would. This talking for the fact that this plan might not be as effective as many had hoped it would be. I do however belive that we must possess ourselves in patience and let the plan work for more than a couple of days before we make our judgement. read comments on the political process of the american rescue plan here

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oktober 9th, 2008 at 11:19 am

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Bush’s plan for rescue

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The master plan

The american President has come up with a 700 billion dollar savings plan that should be able to put the american economy back on track. This plan must however get the support from the democrats to be passed. The other day the political parties met to agree on the plan, but the meeting was no success.

Democrates are against

The conflict in relations to the plan is said to be that the democrates do not want to pay the people in charge the money they demand to let the state in on controling their companies. The democrates do not want to put their name to a bill that will make some company executives rich, if they make it through the cricis – understandbly! read more about the the rescue plan for american economy here

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september 28th, 2008 at 1:07 pm