The danes have begun the price hunt

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The small country in the north
Lately many people have been talking aboute wether they actually are able to feel the financial crisis in their own private economy? For myself, I can answer that question with a no. I am a student and my income is very small and the student job that I have is not very popular. As long as the government do not cut in the State financed student support there will be no worries.

The price have become an issue
Now surveys have shown that the danish people in general have become much more interested in small numbers on the pricetags. Price have become an issue. This makes me wonder if it is not healthy for the population to experience financial crisis, if we before the crisis did not bother to check and compare prices.

One must be price aware
I truely think that this financial situation will contribute with something good, as we when the economy turns back to normal, will be aware, that we need to appreciate the good and perhaps safe up for worse times. Basicly the danes have been living beyond abilities these past years.

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april 14th, 2009 at 6:36 pm

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