The King of Swaziland

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Happy Birthday you majesty!

Today the king af Swaziland i celebrating his birthday throwing a banquet of abundance that is far out of the cost reach of the poor country. The king is celebrating the day with many kinds of parades. Using this much money is disgraceful considering that Swaziland not exactly is a affluent society.


I would not be that indignant with the kings behavoir, was it not because the country is on the verge famin. Most the people of Swaziland are starving as the country has run out of food supplies – at least the commoners. All the time the King is celebrating his people is dying. What a king!


Swaziland is that country in the world wich has the HIV rate growing most rapidly. The population needs medicine, but the stat can not afford to but the very needed drugs, which resolves in people dying. Many children are infected aswell, which ought the be a cause of worry to the monarcy, as the future generation does not appear to live to se the next century.


Next time the King considers having a party to celebrate himself, he should at leat consider the signals he sends to the rest of the world. Today he has most definately show that he needs to get his priorities straigt! He should be ashamed.

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september 7th, 2008 at 9:26 pm