U.S. oil back on the $ 50

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The price of oil
The U.S. WTI oil, is after a few days  in plus of $ 52 class rediscovered his rent at $ 50 each. barrel. It happens after a barrel of WTI oil trade in New York this morning was up and cost $ 53.50.

The oil and the stock market
It is, according to Bloomberg News the sour stock market sentiment, which should get the blame for oil’s rebound from the past few days around the level of $ 52.50 per. barrel.

Is it the blame on the bank
The U.S. banking lick wounds Monday after respected analyst Mike Mayo from Calyon Securities, a former Deutsche Bank has advised its investors to sell off bank shares U.S. Bancorp and Suntrust Inc. Mike Mayo doubts about whether U.S. aid to the financial sector appears to be enough to get the sector on the right foot, and that banks’ losses on bad loans will surpass the losses during the Great Depression in the 1930s.

It even spread to the IT shares
Moreover, ongoing rumors of a collapse in IBM’s acquisition of server giant Sun Microsystems put a large, negative footprint on IT shares.

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